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Learn about your pet parrot!

By APNWLNS payday loans

Piano playing parrot

Here’s my cockatoo Sampson doing one of his favourite activities - playing the piano.

Yes, he’s not great, but here he is nonetheless.

And here’s the hassle I went through filming it. He cannot stand the iPhone 4s (does it make some sort of noise???) so he attacked me every 30 seconds.

Evernote Peek - Parrot Calls study guide

If you’ve ever used Evernote Peek for the iPad, you’ll already know how much fun it is.

So I created a quick study guide for parrot calls based on photos and sound files I’ve discovered online. Only 26 in there so far, but I’m adding them as my Evernote quota permits!

Parody of David Attenborough - Life of Birds - Lyrebird

Not Parrots… but a lot of birds!

Take a look at this video… My real life Hitchcock “The Birds” Minus the violence.

FlyFree Video from World Parrot Trust

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