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Learn about your pet parrot!

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College Bans man with service bird

Jim Eggers looks like any other Maplewood resident who sometimes travels with a backpack, but there aren’t snacks or books in the pack.

Instead, there’s a big, gray parrot in the pack, inside its cage. The parrot is Egger’s service animal and he’s got the registration papers to prove it.

Eggers, 33, is bipolar and suffers mood swings and bursts of anger. He’s trained Sadie, his parrot, to help him through those difficult times. In addition, Sadie allows Eggers to interact more naturally with strangers, something that has proved difficult for him.

Sadie goes with Eggers just about everywhere including MetroLink, restaurants, the St. Louis Galleria and on buses. But Sadie doesn’t go with him to the St. Louis Community College Forest Park campus.

Eggers had been getting his teeth cleaned at the campus clinic for years. Recently, he decided to bring Sadie with him. He considers her his service animal, as does his physician and the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

When he tried to bring Sadie on campus, he was told he couldn’t and that’s when the feud started. Eggers has met with college officials and they are adamant: Sadie is not welcome.

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